01.Diary @Kernel
2023-07-02 13:25:52 # 99.coordinate

Diary @Kernel

Just now I read a article, the title is “What is the most fundamental ability of a person”

His answer is Kernel stability.

In other words, it’s accepting everything to happen, focusing on oneself and respecting everyone’s way of life.

No matter learning ability, communication skills, professional skills or so on, they are all related to the concentration while the quality of concentration depends on kernel stability.

The guys whose has a kernel stability are normally keeping these characteristics: a strong will of goal, patience, knowing what he wants and what he don’t want. As a result, he can do work more efficiently and comprehensive. On the contrary, whose kernel is not stable is easy to get irritable and anxious. Making himself disappointed when getting trouble and then bring extra pressure. As a result, being overwhelmed.


To be honest, I am the latter. I always get worried, I want to know more, do more and get more but the fact is not good. I want to learn solidity, I want to learn DeFi, I want to learn MEV, I want to …… But nothing I do well…. When I chat with others in the Internet, I get anxious because I can’t understand what they are talking about and how the thing discussed working. Worse, when I see the guys around me learn more than me, can workout what I can’t, even they are younger than me…Be worried

I know it’s bad for my health, but the fact is it. This article brings me confidence, benefits me a lot. I should learn step by step, be patience and keep a kernel stability.

The web3 world is noisy, I should be quiet, quiet and quiet.